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News & Notice
Subject Notice for KU IWC Grade Confirmation Period and Issuing Transcript
Writer KUIWC
Date 01-09-2023 Mon, PM 02:13 Hits 337
Dear students,

Hello, this is KU IWC office.

1. Confirmation Period for Final Grade is from Jan 17 (Tue) 10AM to Jan 19 (Thu) 5PM (KST)

Final grades will be posed on Blackboard no later than Jan 17 10AM. You can check your final letter grade on Blackboard from Jan 17 10AM to Jan 19 5pm.  
If you have any issues on your grades, please bring them to the professors and get them answered before Jan 19 5PM.  
Grade can not be changed after Grade Confirmation Period under any circumstances.

2. Transcripts can be issued after the grade confirmation period ends.

After the end of the Grade Confirmation Period, the transcript issuance will proceed.
To issue a transcript, please submit the form below by January 31st, and after that, the free transcript benefit, which is provided once, will expire.
(Form Link: https://forms.office.com/r/sCNm08azy6)
  * Only those who have completed the Course survey on Blakcboard can receive the Transcript.
Due to the big national holiday in Korea, the transcript will be sent from the end of January.

Hope you make the most rewarding time for the rest of the program.
Thank you.
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