D + 232 Dec 27, 2021 - Jan 14, 2022 (3-week)
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News & Notice
Subject Graduate Program Newly Opened in KUIWC 2021-2022
Writer KUIWC
Date 09-13-2021 Mon, PM 03:34 Hits 4300
Welcome to Korea University International Winter Campus 2021-2022

Application has been opened recently.
Do not miss the chance to expand your global experience.

Regarding KUIWC, we are newly offering Graduate Courses this winter. (7 courses)

1. IWC501 - [Online] Introduction to Data Analysis with R (Prof. Dong-Hyuk Kim)
2. IWC502 - [Online] Problems and Solutions in Health Equity Research (Prof. Carles Muntaner)
     -> Cancelled
3. IWC503 - [Online] Data Analytics and Appplications (Prof. Myong K. Jeong)
4. IWC504 - [Online] Polymerization Reaction Engineering (Prof. You-Yeon Won)
5. IWC505 - [Online] Art-Science for Environmental Sustainability (Prof. Changwoo Ahn)
6. IWC506 - [Online] Comparative Education Research Using Large-Scale Data (Prof. Soo-yong Byun)
7. IWC507 - [Online] Mathematical Foundation of Mechanics - Solids, Fluids, Heat Transfer, and
                                   Themodynamics (Prof. Jaehyung Ju)

For further detail, please check out 'IWC Program-Courses-Courses for Period 1 or 2' menu.
※ Graduate Courses are available  at the bottom of the list.

Link: https://winter.korea.ac.kr:5002/src/program/session1.php

Thank you.

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