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Application Procedure
Students currently enrolled in a college/university as well as high school students with outstanding academic performance.
The documents to be submitted may vary depending on the student's nationality and taking online or in-person class, so please contact us first by e-mail (kuwinter@korea.ac.kr).
Required Documents
▶ Online-only ▶ In-person
Application Procedure  
Application Period: September 5 - November 18, 2022
Type of class Application procedure Remark
Online-only Step1~4 -
In-person Step1~5 Korean passport holder
Step1~4, 6~8 Non-Korean passport holder
Complete an online application
●  Complete an online application HERE by November 18th
  Students may choose the course selection on the online application
  Students must create their KU IWC passwords in order to access their student account (ID, starting with 2022xxxxxx, will be automatically given).
●  A confirmation email (including the IWC student number) will be sent automatically to the registered email address
Pay the application fee (KRW 100,000) and send the necessary documents
●  Pay the application fee (KRW 100,000) and send the official transcript, proof of health insurance (only for students entering Korea and taking in-person class), and copy of passport (not for Korean passport holders) via email by November 18th
Receive a letter of acceptance
●  Receive a letter of acceptance via email
Pay the tuition fee
●  Pay the tuition by November 25th
Enter Korea on date
●  In the case of Korean passport holders, enter Korea on date
Send the documents providing financial stability & the highest degree or level of education
●  Send an email to kuwinter@korea.ac.kr to receive the [CoA Request Form], and prepare the document according to the request form
●  Send the documents that proof of the student’s or financial guarantor’s bank balance (maintained for at least one month) by November 25th
●  Send certificate of the highest degree or level of education (high school diploma and certification of enrollment of your Home Institution with consular confirmation or apostille) by November 25th
Receive the Certificate of Admission
●  In the case of Non-Korean passport holders, receive the Certificate of Admission (CoA)
●  Please send an email to us (kuwinter@korea.ac.kr) for further details about issuing Certificate of Admission
●  The supporting documents for visa application will be sent to students who need to acquire a D-2-8 visa (short-term study abroad visa) in accordance
  Note that the supporting documents will be issued only when the applicant completes paying the application fee, tuition fee, and submitting required documents (For D-2-8 visa)
  * Students from the visa free countries for Korea can enter Korea through D-2-8 (short-term study abroad visa) or C3 visa (short-term visiting within 90 days).
Apply for visa
●  Apply for visa at the nearby Korean Embassy/Consulate
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