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News & Notice
Subject [Important] changes related to entry to Korea
Writer KUIWC
Date 09-02-2022 Fri, PM 02:50 Hits 296

Dear Professors and Students,

There has been an official Government announcement about the change of taking a PCR test and submitting negative results of the test before being allowed to enter the country.

From September 3rd, both South Korean citizens and non-citizens departing for South Korea will no longer have to take a PCR test before travelling.

However, the QR code arrivals system will remain, and travelers must still take PCR tests within one day of arrival.

You may refer to the detailed information about the QR code arrivals system on our website: https://winter.korea.ac.kr/src/etc/covid19.php

KU IWC team will keep you informed if there is any update or change about COVID-19.

Thank you.

Inquiries: kuwinter@korea.ac.kr
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