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News & Notice
Subject [KU IWC] KU IWC will go fully online
Writer KUIWC
Date 12-03-2020 Thu, PM 01:59 Hits 2034
Dear KU IWC students,

Greetings from the KU IWC Team, we hope you are all doing well and safe during these times.

Today we have an important announcement for you.  

After careful consultation with the local health department and the campus staff regarding the health and safety of KU IWC students, we have made the difficult decision to run 2020 KU IWC via online platform only.

Our KU IWC team’s heart couldn’t be more full due to the incredulously enthusiastic interests from your end for our upcoming winter program, considering the fact that we all concerned about traveling under the pandemic situation. So, the decision to operate our program online only was definitely a tough one as we were looking forward to having you, but a necessary one since the Korean government increased the level of social distancing policy and we recently spotted a number of confirmed cases inside the campus.

We know that this will come as an enormous disappointment not only to the students but also to all the faculty members who were excited to have you around during their lectures. Small comforting words to this situation are that you can still interact with your fellow students and professors on the online platform, in this case, blackboard.

Please note that this is not an announcement for canceling our winter program but informing you that we decided to not run in-person classes but to conduct all KU IWC classes online.

Detailed information on how to participate in KU IWC online will be distributed soon through another email. Meanwhile, always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with this issue.

Always be safe and healthy.


KU IWC team
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