D - 80 Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 13, 2023 (3-week)
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News & Notice
Subject Introducing 3D Printing and AI courses with Practical training
Writer KUIWC
Date 10-06-2021 Wed, PM 01:23 Hits 862
Files IWC419 Introduction to Artistic Smart-Manufacturing.pdf (375KB)
IWC420_Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.pdf (586KB)

This Winter, as the importance of Technology in 4th Industrial revolution is emphasized,
we are newly introducing 2 courses with practical training.

1. IWC419 - [In-Person] Introduction to Artistic Smart-Manufacturing (3D Printing)
2. IWC420 - [In-Person] Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By participating in the two courses,
you can get the opportunities to practically operate equipment for 3D printing or AI.
Do not miss the chance !

For further detail, please check out 'IWC Program-Courses-Courses for Period 1 or 2' menu.
Link: https://winter.korea.ac.kr:5002/src/program/session1.php

Thank you.

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