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News & Notice
Subject Watch out for New Voice-phishing fraud
Writer KUIWC
Date 10-07-2021 Thu, PM 04:50 Hits 349

Watch out for new voice-phishing fraud!
Recently, a number of students have been involved in a new type of voice-phishing fraud related to tuition payment.

They approach students saying that they can register students at a discounted amount. After they receive tuition from students, they use voice phishing to trick others into remitting money to the student's virtual account, and present it as a proof of tuition payment.
Due to the nature of voice phishing, the student's registration will immediately be cancelled as the victim reports the case and goes through account suspension and return procedure. In addition, students can possibly get involved in investigation of such voice phishing-related crimes.

When registering, please make sure to remit money only through yourself or your family, and check out the bank/account number on our official website before proceeding payments.

Take special care not to be blinded by the temptation of these voice phishing organizations.


学棺 请电诈骗语ڻ㣡汇γ学费务过ί۰网确认虚拟账号并ʫ٣义银账户汇γ

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