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News & Notice
Subject Scholarship expanded !
Writer KUIWC
Date 10-13-2021 Wed, PM 02:06 Hits 1912
Since everyone is thriving to get over with Covid-19 situation,
we decided to expand our scholarship benefit to thank students who have interest in our Winter Campus Program.
There are two types of scholarship added.

1. A+chiever Scholarship (Academic Excellence Scholarship)
Students who achieve A+ on their courses, are eligible to get KRW 200,000 scholarship per A+.
- A+ for one course : KRW 200,000
- A+ for all two courses : KRW 400,000

*Scholarship Distribution : After the program ends (Additional Application required)
*No documents required

2. U21/APRU Scholarship
Students coming from U21 or APRU member institutions may receive scholarship of KRW 150,000.
Please check out the member institutions of U21 or APRU via links below.
- U21 : http://www.universitas21.com/member
- APRU : https://apru.org/members/

※ Those who are eligible for more than one type of scholarships will automatically be awarded the one with the highest amount. (*Types: Alumni, A+chiever(Academic Exellence), U21 or APRU Scholarship)


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