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News & Notice
Subject 2021 KU IWC Day Trips
Writer KUIWC
Date 11-18-2021 Thu, PM 05:18 Hits 407
Dear students,

We are very excited to welcome you to 2021 KU IWC program.
Not only do we provide excellent winter program for learning in Korea, we also provide you with fun day trips every week.

The following list is a number of trips we are planning to do:

- K-pop Dance
- Korean Cooking
- Nanta show

- Lotte world (Theme park)
- Yacht tour in Han River
- Korean Cooking

You can experience various cultural activities with the help of student assistants and buddies from KU.
Please join us for this fun adventure and make the best out of your stay at IWC!

Warmest regards
IWC Office

※ Day trip activities are subject to change.
※ Detailed information and schedule will be provided after the program begins.
※ Most of the events are complimentary.
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