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KU IWC cherishes all students’ valuable experience in Korea as they would choose KU IWC instead of spending winter holidays with family in their home countries. We believe that our students are coming to Korea not only because they aspire to obtain academic credits, but also broaden their horizons, learn about Korean culture and meet new friends. Therefore, we certainly highlight our extracurricular activities and field trips for KU IWC students! Plus most of them are complimentary except ski trip and Nanta performance show, so why don’t you join us?

The online registration for cultural activities will be open after the Orientation.

Please note that some sports are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Extracurricular Activities
1. Ice Skating
Korea University Ice rink is filled with KU students’ passion for winter sports as KU Ice hockey team uses this facility for their practices and game. Also, a former South Korean figure skater who won 2010 Olympic champion, Yuna Kim, used this rink too since she went to Korea Univeristy few years ago. Now, you may think this rink is only for skillful skaters, but guess what, skating lessons are available for the students who have never learned how to ride an ice skate. So don’t be afraid of it, and have fun!
Location Korea University Ice Rink
Note Ice Skating boots are provided during the event.
Students are recommended to dress adequately for Ice skating (gloves, muffler, warm clothing, etc)
2. Korean Cooking Class
In order to understand a foreign country’s soul and culture, you must try its cuisine. That being said, Korean Food reflects Korean’s lifestyle and philosophy. KU IWC ensures that our students will learn about Korean food, as they will get to cook Korean dishes with the help of Korean cuisine chefs and taste it what they make.
Location TBA
Note Ingredients, kitchenware and cutlery will be provided.
Transportation will be provided.
3. Taekwondo
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, which means; Way (Do) of kicking (Tae) and punching (Kwon). This cultural activity will introduce the international student to basic Martial Arts practice.
Location Korea University Hwa-Jung Gymnasium (B3 Basketball Court)
Note Free uniforms and belts rental will be available.
4. Running Man
Running Man is an indoor activity derived from the famous Korean TV show which the members of the program solve missions by playing games. Be the next member of Running Man and solve the mission, fine R-Points, and complete various tasks that you are confronted.
Location Insa-dong
Note Students are recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Field Trips
1. Ski Trip
There are a number of Seoul suburban ski resorts that has advanced leisure culture and take just about 90-120 minutes from Seoul. The ski slopes of those leisure resorts are varied by a level of skier/snowboarder’s skill. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, ski lessons are available for you. If you forget to prepare yourself for Ski Trip? The comprehensive rental system allows you to rent all the equipment you need in very easy way. Close engagement distant and convenient logistical system gives a reason for Koreans’ love of winter sports. No wonder why Korea will hold 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic!
Location Jisan Resort
Note Conditions
a.Inclusive : Ski Lesson, transportation Ski gear rental, Ski clothes rental, Ski gloves, Ski Lift Ticket
b.Exclusive : Lunch
2. Lotte World Amusement Park
Lotte World Amusement Park Indoor Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park and hosts a dazzling variety of seasonal festivals and parades all year round including the Masquerade Festival, the Rio Samba Carnival, the Halloween Party and the Christmas Festival. With the theme of “Little World Village,” Indoor park, and “Magic Island,” the outdoor park of Lotte World attract 7.3 million visitors each year.
Location Lotte World Amusement Park
Note Students can stay in Lotte World as long as they want starting from 12:00PM until the amusement park closes.
3. Nanta Performance Show
NANTA is an amazing Korean Cooking Show. It uses mime, music made by kitchen implements and audience participation and is extremely entertaining.
Location TBA
Note Transportation will be provided.
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